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Difendere la famiglia per difendere l’“Occidente”: destre religiose e radicali unite nella lotta al gender

This essay examines the discourse of organizations associated with the religious right and by radical right groups, through the lens of Converse’s right-wing ideological constraint. It focuses on the convergence of the themes of the nation as a family, and of the supposed Christian origins, traditions, and identity of the “Western civilization”, within a narrative that is being increasingly adopted by both religious and radical right groups advocating for various forms of nationalism, nativism, and authoritarianism. Drawing on the narrative of a prominent religion-based US organization and questioning the supposed imposition of gender ideology through governmental measures, this essay aims to highlight the concept of gender, as deployed by religious-right and radical right groups, as the umbrella term representing the threats supposedly endangering traditional families and the whole fabric of “Western civilization”.

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Chiara Migliori
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“One Nation under God”: storie, sviluppi e attualità delle destre religiose statunitensi
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