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La guerra dell’educazione. L’Hillsdale College e il progetto egemonico della destra americana per conquistare il mondo della scuola

Hillsdale College, a small Southern Michigan Liberal Arts College, has become in recent years a crucial place for American right-wing project of taking over public education and promoting a conservative agenda. In addition to having hosted talks from some of the most prominent Republican Party leaders, and having received donations from Michigan’s wealthiest families, Hillsdale offers courses whose curriculum focuses on an originalist interpretation of the U.S. Constitution. In that curriculum, progressive tradition and, recently, Critical Race Theory and Gender Studies are constantly targeted. But in recent years it has become clear that the true goal for such a conservative hegemonic project on education is to influence the K-12 public system of schools. In order to reach that goal, Hillsdale promotes a so-called “1776 curriculum” that aims to extend conservative-leaning teaching to public schools as well as to a newly funded system of Hillsdale charter schools.

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Pietro Bianchi
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“One Nation under God”: storie, sviluppi e attualità delle destre religiose statunitensi
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